Beginning of The End

Beginning of The End

Happy Sunday, everyone! Today marks the beginning of the end…of training! Today is week 8, day 1 and one week from today, I’ll be running my first half marathon at the Urban Cow Half!!

In last week’s post, I left off feeling really invigorated from a successful 11 mile run up and down hills around beautiful Lake Natoma. My body was really feeling the effects of that run for a few days, especially my right hamstring thanks to the hills. I did a lot of hydrating, stretching, rolling, and massaging all week trying to work it out but the tightness wouldn’t release.

On Wednesday, against my better judgement, I did a speed run of 2 miles. I was feeling really good and just felt like going fast, what can I say? I ended with an average pace of 10:38 per mile which is much faster than I’ve gone in months.

The next day, I had 5 miles on the schedule for my training. One of my Moms Run This Town friends, Jenna, decided to pair up with me for this run! She is, in general, a faster runner than me. Although I was setting the pace for our run, I was subconsciously running faster than I thought I was and we ended up going an 11:34 average pace.

So here we have an already sore hamstring combined with two runs at 1-2 minutes faster pace per mile than what my body is used to at this point in time. Not good!

On Friday, I rested and prepared for the 8 miles I had on the schedule for my week 7 long run. I was excited to “only” run 8 miles which is just such a funny concept to me! A few weeks ago, that number was scary. Proof that consistency and pushing your limits can bring about such wonderful change!

On Saturday, I met up with more MRTT ladies for our long run. After 1 mile, I told my friend Lisa, “My hamstring hurts.” At mile 3, I had to stop and stretch it. At 3.5 miles, my hamstring had had enough and started cramping so I immediately called off the rest of my run. I walked back and when Lisa got back to me, we talked it out and I had to re-strategize my treatment. I had been rolling and stretching the entirety of my legs but really focusing on my hamstrings. My new strategy is to focus on my quadriceps. Additionally, I’ll rest, soak in epsom salt baths, and just stay positive that come October 1st, I’ll be primed and ready to take on 13.1!

Today I am resting. I have very few miles on the schedule this week to rest up for the race so I’m feeling really hopeful that my leg will be better!

I wanted to talk a little bit about food because I’m going on 4 weeks or so of eating right again. It’s been so nice! I’ve also been pleasantly surprised at how easy making the switch to eating vegan has been. I’m so thankful for that!

No weight loss so far but I can tell I’m getting slimmer and you just can’t beat how good you feel when your body is getting the nutrition it needs! My goal this week is to heal, enjoy the rest, and prime myself mentally for my half! I can’t even put into words how excited I am for this race! What are your goals this week? Comment below! Have a wonderful week!

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