Best Run Ever!

Best Run Ever!

Happy Wednesday, friends!

Last week I wrote that one of my goals this week was to have a long run of 5.5 miles. On Saturday, my alarm rang at 3 A.M. and I got ready and hit the pavement.

This was the best run ever! I just. felt. good. I think I’ve found my happy pace at about 11:30 per mile for distance running. I listened to my body and if I started feeling too fatigued, I’d just slow down. I kept checking my Garmin when this would happen and noticed that when I stayed around 11:30, I felt like I could run forever. (You can read about all the reasons I LOVE my Garmin watch here!)

When I was feeling seriously amazing around the 3 mile mark, I decided to upgrade my run to a 10k. I did start to hit a wall at 6 miles because I didn’t eat an energy gel or any other mid-run fuel. Thankfully, I could see where I was parked from that point and that helped me push myself and finish strong. I felt so great for running that entire 6.26 miles without stopping!

I got to go on not one but two runs with my Moms Run This Town ladies this week! (Including Misty from DisneyPrincess_On_The_Run.Β Her first triathlon is this Saturday so go follow her on Instagram and wish her lots of luck!) On Thursday, I ran 3 of the 5 group miles but had to take off early to get home before my son woke up.

On Tuesday of this week, I did my first track run ever (unless you count middle school?) and learned about speed work from our chapter leader. It was hard work and I really didn’t enjoy it but I will be doing tempo runs in my upcoming half marathon training so it’s something I need to adapt to.

As usual, meeting with MRTT was great and I think running with these women really keeps me refreshed!

Here’s a complete rundown of my workouts this week:

I mentioned before that one of my goals was to run 5.5 miles this week. My other goal was to lose 1 pound. That didn’t happen. I won’t even say unfortunately. No, I’m not at my goal weight and I do want to keep losing and getting in better shape. However, I’ve never felt better! I’ve been on track with eating but my caloric intake has been higher due to my increased running mileage. I have peace of mind knowing that I’m being my healthiest self and the number on the scale isn’t my top priority right now.

My goal this week is to take it a little easy and have fun. I’ll be running in the Marysville Peach Festival 5k on Saturday! It will be my first race running with my son Alex in the stroller. Really wishing I had a BOB jogging stroller right now haha! That’s okay though. I plan on just taking it slow and enjoying the run. Plus I’m looking forward to at least 5 of my running friends being there! It’s just going to be a really fun event.

What are your goals this week? Comment Below! Have a good one!

4 thoughts on “Best Run Ever!”

  • Way to go Christa! You are SO going to crush your impending half marathon! I SO wish you had a BOB strolled too! I’m so glad you’re loving your new Garmin! One of my goals this week is to not eat out of emotions. πŸ˜‚

    • Awww your goal!! haha! I can’t even imagine. I’m glad you’re staying positive! Thank you for your kind words! Now…and all the time! It helps me push myself!

  • Dang, way to go girly! You kicked booty on that long run. Speed work can be sucky, but will really improve you overall as a runner! Last year I attended local track practices for my first time and it was HARD!

    • Thanks Emily!! I will have to experiment with different tempo intervals and see what works best for me. I’m sure it will always be hard but hopefully I can get used to it!

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