Garmin Forerunner 235 Review

Garmin Forerunner 235 Review

I wrote last week that I would be writing a review of my recently purchased Garmin Forerunner 235 GPS Running watch. I had started to include my thoughts on this watch in my weekly post but it was clear right away that there are just too many great things to say about this awesome accessory!

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As some of you may know, my husband got orders to Germany and we will be moving later this year. Now, I had been selling assorted items we no longer used and saving the money to buy this watch for running. These Germany orders opened my eyes to even more things around the house that we could purge before heading overseas. I decided to have a big garage sale and it was a success. After my husband and I split the earnings, I had enough to get my Garmin! 😀 To save over $100, I purchased a refurbished Forerunner 235 instead of a new one. It has worked perfectly so far and I’ve had zero issues. I purchased it on Amazon and they cover it for the first 30 days. I also purchased a 3 year warranty just to be safe since it is refurbished.

One feature I like with this watch is that you can personalize it! I’m a huge fan of being able to make something my own and have it reflect my personality. I’m able to change the watch face with dozens of choices through the Garmin Connect IQ store on the Garmin Connect app.

Mario here was taking up too much battery power with all of his pretty colors so I changed it to this Star Wars ship 🙂

Sorry for the quality but my phone doesn’t like focusing on this watch!

You can also buy different watch straps in other colors. With how much I enjoy being runmatchy, I know I’ll eventually be getting some of those in the future. I know these personalizations are very small cosmetic details but I had to mention them because I love that kind of stuff. Now, on to more important features!

The main reason I adore this watch is its convenience. It is so much better than my previous method of tracking my runs with the Nike+ Running app on my phone. For one, it’s on my wrist. I no longer have to reach into my SPIbelt every time I want to check my distance or pace. This has the added bonus in that I don’t risk my I.D. falling out when I check my phone which has happened! (Thankfully some kind soul found it and left it under my windshield wiper.) I have also dropped my phone A LOT fumbling with it while trying to run. I think my poor, banged up cellular device is just as thankful for this watch as I am. If I want to take photos or videos while running, I can pause my watch with a quick push of a button. With the Nike+ Running app, I would have to actually stop and save mid-run, take my photo/video, then start a “new” run. If I only paused the app, it would bug out and stop tracking altogether. This watch takes all of these little annoyances away and my life is just a little bit easier!

The watch is really easy to use and you can track a few different workout types aside from running such as walking or biking. I like this because I can track my walks separately from my runs when I was not able to do that on the Nike+ app. This was a problem because my average pace across my workouts was brought down due to my walks. Now I will have an accurate count!

I sync it to the Garmin Connect app on my phone via bluetooth. There, I can view all of the details of my run from mileage to elevation gain to heart rate. Over time, I’ll really be able to use all of that information to see how I have improved! Outside of running, it counts my steps over the course of the day and it even shows my sleep patterns when I wear it to bed.

The Garmin Forerunner 235 is easy to use, customizable, versatile, and most of all, convenient! I will be treasuring it for a long time to come. Do you have a favorite GPS watch that you wear or hope to get? What do you like about it? Comment below! Thanks for reading!

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