Guess Who Struggled With Food This Week?

Guess Who Struggled With Food This Week?

As you may have seen in last week’s post, I passed the 100 lbs lost mark. You can read about the lessons I’ve learned from this transformation here! On Monday, my sweet husband wanted to take me out to celebrate. We went to Lucille’s for some BBQ!

I was ready to pig out

I got a sweet tea and a lunch platter of ribs, chicken, tri tip, a hot link, and sweet potato fries!

It was an overload of YUM!

Every single thing was scrumptious! I couldn’t even finish half of my meal. I found room for this ice cream-filled donut though!

I got it at The Parlor! It’s a hot glazed donut and I got salted caramel ice cream inside. That salty sweet combo was heavenly! All of this amazing celebratory super feast food threw me off for the week though so if it hadn’t been for such a special occasion, it wouldn’t have been worth it. I’ll talk more about this later.

On Tuesday, I met up with the Moms Run This Town group again! I really like this group of ladies and being part of a running group is so fun!

We did 3 miles as usual and I, again, ran it faster than I would have by myself which is great. These ladies motivate me to push myself! MRTT has chapters all over the U.S. and it’s not just for moms, it’s a huge running group for all women! I encourage you to find a chapter near you.

It was the week of my Sutter Buttes Spirit Mountain Run 5k so I was taking it easy on running to preserve my knee which has still been sore on and off. I can’t wait to get my new shoes next week! Anyway, Alex and I went on walks most days instead! He loves to have a snack in the stroller and point at and name everything we see.

Here’s a rundown of my workouts for the week:

So you know how I said that giant meal threw me off? I gained a couple of bloat pounds but that happens after cheat meals so I wasn’t worried about it. The problem was, my body decided I needed all those calories and I struggled with food the rest of the week. I just kept snacking! I was also making iffy choices with my meals like using a lot more carbs and fewer vegetables. THEN…my husband made THESE BEAUTIES.

Okay…I’m proud to say I only ate one. Do you even know how hard that was? They were insanely delicious! Thankfully he took them to work and filled other people with all those calories.

By about Thursday I could tell I wasn’t going to lose weight this week. The extra calories every day combined with less intense workouts just didn’t bode well. However, that didn’t mean I should keep going like that so I started to get back to my usual routine but I wanted some help. So today I started my first Accountability Group on Facebook. I needed to have other folks to lean on right now and I thought maybe it could help them too. If you’d like to join us, it’s not too late! Like my page Sweating Awesome, go to the Groups tab, and click Join. If you can’t find the group, send me a message and I will add you. We’ll be going until May 22nd and I’m going to hold a drawing for everyone who participates and someone will win a prize! Even if you don’t win, you get 2 weeks of healthy choices and you will feel so much better.

Oh right…I was telling you how poorly I was eating haha. I slowly got back on track over the weekend but it was too little too late. I managed to get back to my weight of 204 at least.

I lost 4 pounds last week so I’m still on track to reach my goal weight by September.

On Saturday, I ran my 4th 5k race and managed to get a new Personal Record of 33:55! I knew it was going to be a larger crowd of people racing so instead of expecting a medal, I set a goal to get a PR. I was so excited to reach this goal and the whole race experience was really great! I’ll be posting a race recap on Thursday so stay tuned for more on that.

I’m really excited about this accountability group and the progress I’ll make over the next 2 weeks! Hopefully I can run more than walk this week. I just have to keep stretching and foam rolling!

It’s seriously my new best friend…

What are your goals this week? Comment below! See you Thursday!

2 thoughts on “Guess Who Struggled With Food This Week?”

  • What a great blog! I just typed in a lengthy reply but I was blocked as a suspected bot!!! I will try this again- Congratulations on your accomplishment! I think you are doing fantastic!

    My goals are to get in two runs before a 5K race Saturday and eat better as my scale is moving in the wrong direction!

    • Well, feel free to join my accountability group on Facebook if you’d like some support for eating better! Today was only day 1 and it helped me so much! Thanks for taking the time to read my post and comment with your goals. That’s exciting that you’re doing a 5k! I can’t wait to see pictures 😀

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