Literally Running My Butt Off

Literally Running My Butt Off

Happy Monday! I have a really good reason to celebrate this week. I passed the 100 pounds lost mark! WOOHOO! Words can’t quite describe just how great it feels to see that number. I feel amazing and it’s great to see my hard work and dedication to being healthy paying off!


I lost 4 lbs this week which is a lot more than usual. I didn’t lower my calorie intake or work out more than usual so I was very surprised!

The only thing I can think is that I didn’t have my usual weekly cheat meal. I skipped it because I really wanted to hit 205 haha! I passed that and hit 204 for a total of 101 lbs lost! Here’s a rundown of my workouts this week:

My running goal back in March was to run more miles than there were days in the month. I barely made it with 31.71 miles and I told you all I would be setting my sights higher for April. I smashed that number this month running 57.76 miles! My average pace per mile is about a minute faster as well. How did I do it? Well, unfortunately, I had to cancel my gym membership this month. My husband’s rotating work schedule made it almost impossible to go for 3 months and that wasn’t changing anytime soon so I cancelled. Some good came out of it though! Since I couldn’t do group classes, I ran almost every day. I’m really loving running and that’s my main focus now! It’s such a great way to lose weight and it’s fun to do races. I’m sticking with 5ks this year because I want to focus on getting faster and better at running 3 miles without stopping. What’s my goal for May? I honestly don’t know. I’m going to keep running!

On Tuesday, I ran with a local Moms Run This Town group and it was so fun!

 It felt so good to get out of my comfort zone and socialize with new people while also getting a great workout. We’re all moms who like to run so it was a little easier for me knowing we’d have at least those two things in common. We met early and started our run at 6 A.M. and we ran 3.1 miles. Having ladies to talk to while running was a nice distraction from how out of breath I was haha. I was nervous that I would be slower than the other women but it was totally fine. Everyone ran at the pace they were comfortable with and there was zero judgement. It was nice to see everyone support each other and have the mindset that we’re all out there moving and practicing healthy habits no matter what pace we go. That being said, one of the moms is a marathoner and she was pushing me during the last mile. It was in a good way that I really needed! If you’re thinking about joining a running group, I definitely recommend it. I think this is going to be a weekly meetup for me now!

We even had some canine runners join in!

On Wednesday, Women’s Running Community featured my story on Instagram for their weekly #WhatARunnerLooksLike Wednesday feature! I love their message of empowerment and body positivity!

This week I will be preparing for my Sutter Buttes Spirit Mountain Run 5k! I’m so so excited about this one because it’s going to be a beautiful location and I think I’m going to bump into some friendly faces there! It can be lonely going to a race by myself so I’m excited to know some folks! Signing up for a 5k is a great motivator to get out and get moving working toward a goal. Visit my races page here and join me sometime!

My goals for the week are to stretch more, drink more water (I’ve been slacking on hydration bad) and get on a regular sleep schedule. I need to be waking up early to run on a regular basis. It’s already getting hot here in NorCal! What are your goals for the week?

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