Race Recap: Harmony Health Earth Day 5k – Part 1!

Race Recap: Harmony Health Earth Day 5k – Part 1!

This week was all about this 5k! I took a rest day and I did very simple run/walk sessions for 5 days. I stuck to my usual calorie count around 1200 per day and I hit my goal losing 2 lbs bringing my total to 97 lbs lost!

The night before the race (talk about procrastination) I made my race t-shirt. I had ordered iron-on letters from Amazon and got the tee at Walmart for only $3.88. Talk about a steal!

Less than a minute of ironing later, I had this cute ensemble!

Introducing Flat Me.

After a good night’s sleep, I started my day with some tasty race fuel in the form of a whole grain bagel with butter and some fresh pineapple. And of course, my daily cup of coffee. Mmm!

Alex asked for toast and honey! He’s getting so good at talking!

Two hours before the race, I ate my favorite flavor of Clif Bar. I didn’t want to feel too full but I didn’t want to be hungry while I ran. It was perfect!

I packed up my new handy SPIbelt and we were on our way to the race!

This belt is seriously amazing for running! It stays right where I put it and doesn’t ride or rollΒ up. It held 2 cards, my keys, my hair tie, and my phone during the race and it didn’t move or bounce at all. Plus, they have a ton of different colors and patterns that are so cute! They’re nice and inexpensive too…I highly recommend them!

We arrived at Yuba College where the race was being held at 11 A.M. to sign in. As you can see, Alex was excited by all the commotion of people building booths, setting up sound equipment, and kids running around and playing. He was ready for a day of fun!

I signed in and got my bib and race t-shirt.

We roamed around a bit because Olive Hill at the college is a pretty little park.

My dear friend Katharine met us there so she could hang out with Alex while I ran.

She showed up with these incredibly sweet and adorable signs to cheer me on!!

After taking some pictures and catching up, we headed over to the starting line and I was ready to run!

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