Race Recap: Harmony Health Earth Day 5k – Part 2!

Race Recap: Harmony Health Earth Day 5k – Part 2!

Welcome back! At the end of Part 1 of my recap, we were heading to the starting line ready to run our 5k!

All of the runners got to the starting line and we began patiently waiting.

The organizer was waiting for one of the color stations to radio her and tell her they were ready. So we kept waiting.

Katharine and Alex had found a place to sit nearby and they were watching. I kept waving at them and I could see Alex saying “Mama Mama Mama.” We had to wait about 15 minutes before we were finally ready to go. The organizer yelled “READY. SET. GO!” and we were off!

Big lesson learned from this race? Pace yourself. I ignored negative splitting and just went for it. I was running a pace that wasn’t quite as fast as I could go but it was definitely above what I normally do. This caused me to keep speeding up and slowing down and I even had to stop for a couple short walk breaks within the first 2 miles. Not good!

One of my favorite things about races is that you kind of get these stranger running buddies! You’ll have people going about the same pace as you and for me, they help me push myself to keep up with them or even go faster than them. There was a man in his 50s or 60s with a bright green shirt doing the right thing and running nice and steady. I kept passing him and falling behind him because of my very unsteady pacing. I hope I’m still running at his age. He was inspirational and motivated me to keep going!

We started out running on sidewalk and asphalt but then we headed out on a trail. It was unexpected for me and I had never run on a trail before!

It was kind of hard just because I was being careful with every step. The trail had a lot of holes and dips and I didn’t want an injury. We did a couple of laps like that and then ventured back to the familiar concrete where I felt much more comfortable.

I was running faster than I ever had. My Nike+ Running app lost signal for a while so I had no idea how far I had gone. We came to a part of the race where we were close to the starting point and it seemed like the finish line was close.

Alex clapping for all the runners going by.

I could tell the woman just ahead of me was in my same age group so I sped up to pass her and started running as fast as I could. I really wanted a medal haha! The joke was on me because we still had 3/4 of a mile to go and I had just burned myself out.

Once I realized there was no finish line in sight, I had to take a walk break. The woman I passed rightly ran past me and I didn’t see her again. She was awesome! I kept trying to get into the music playing in my earbuds to keep running. This definitely helped me to push myself but my body was just not up to it. I had to take several short walk breaks for that last 0.75 mile stretch. Running too hard in the beginning like that was a rookie mistake but I’m still happy with my overall time.

I crossed the finish line in less than 35 minutes!

Katharine and Alex were waiting for me at the finish line and I felt so good even though I was totally worn out. They were ready with bottles of water for me and we found a nice spot to sit for a while and talk about my run. After I caught my breath and rested a bit, we went back over to Olive Hill to wait for the medals to be handed out.

When we got there, we saw a wonderful sight!


These sno-cones were exactly what we needed. It was sunny and warm out so they were the perfect post-race treat!

Alex liked it too!

I came in 3rd place in my division only to find they were only giving medals to 1st and 2nd place. Major bummer! I had to remind myself that it’s not just about medals even though it would’ve been really nice. I ran harder and faster than ever, and while I made the mistake of wearing myself out early, I have improved immeasurably since I started my running journey last September! I like to remember back to May of last year when I first started working out. Katharine and I were walking on treadmills together and she was doing some jogging intermittently. I told her how awesome I thought it was that she could run. I also remember telling her “I’ll never run!” with a scoff. Ha! I wouldn’t have believed then that I would be a full-time runner less than a year later. Never say never!

My next race will be the Sutter Buttes Spirit Mountain Run 5k on May 6th! You can check out my Race Page here! I hope to see some friendly faces there!

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