Runner Rebooted

Runner Rebooted

Happy Sunday, everyone!

In last week’s post, I let you all know that I’ve been taking control of my eating after slacking all summer. That evening, I was looking for inspiration for making healthy choices so I decided to watch the Netflix documentary What The Health. I honestly didn’t know what I was getting myself into but after watching it, I was an overnight plant-based eater AKA vegan. In years past, I would always tell my husband how I wish I could be a vegan or vegetarian but I always thought it would be too hard. Turns out, it’s a lot easier than I always thought it would be and I’m thankful!

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I’m not saying everyone should make this change or anything like that. Part of this blog is me talking about my nutrition and what helps me fuel for running or lose weight so I wanted to share this change in my diet. If you are interested in finding out more about plant-based nutrition, there is a wealth of information online. I watched these documentaries on Netflix: What The Health, Vegucated, Forks Over Knives, and Food, Inc.

Fajitas with sauteed mushrooms instead of meat – you can’t really mess up fajitas, right? So good!

Making this change put me out of commission for a few days due to withdrawal. I woke up with bad headaches like a hangover for 3 days and had no energy to exercise. So, I took 4 rest days after last weekend’s 9 mile run. On Thursday, I was feeling back to normal and joined my Moms Run This Town group for a 5 mile run!

This was one of those runs that just felt good! Eating well for 3 weeks, getting more sleep, and all those extra rest days had set me up for a great run. My first 2 miles were my normal 12:00-12:30 per mile pace but then I was trying to keep up with these speedy ladies for the last 3. Keeping up with them pumped up my adrenaline and those 3 miles were a 10:30-11:00 pace! I didn’t feel tired or worn out at the end either. I just enjoyed the runner’s high!

On Friday, I prepared for my week 6 long run of 11 miles (I’m training for my first ever half marathon at the Urban Cow Half!). I stretched and rolled all of my muscles and psyched myself up mentally for all of those miles. I even felt excited about it which was a nice change after my long runs had been feeling a little overwhelming before.

My MRTT group met up and carpooled out to beautiful Lake Natoma for our run! My friend and unofficial running coach, Lisa, ran with me the entire 11 mile loop.

This trail had a lot of hills! I’m used to running on flat ground so any hill is a lot but we climbed about 500 feet in elevation! Our legs, especially our hamstrings, were really feeling the burn. Lisa had to pep talk me during mile 8 because the hills were getting to me and I was feeling tired. She worked her magic, gave me tips, and reinvigorated me to finish this run! At mile 10, I was the one telling her “come on, let’s go!” so we did a bit of a switch. It was so fun and we finished strong with a 12:37 average pace!

That makes me so happy and excited to do my half at that pace, if not faster. Pace isn’t the goal of the race but I can’t help my competitive spirit and need to push myself 🙂

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Today begins week 7 of my training! I can hardly believe that this journey is almost over. It’s taper time meaning less intense exercise to rest my body before my half marathon. I’m pretty excited about the fact that my long run on Saturday will “only” be 8 miles haha! That is such a foreign way to think!

My goals this week are to rest up from this run (my hamstrings and shoulders are super tight today!), keep eating healthy, keep making myself go to bed at an appropriate time (I’m a night owl so it’s not always easy), and have a great 8 mile long run maybe with a slightly faster pace.

What are your goals this week? What is one healthier choice you could commit to making this week? Comment below! Have a wonderful week!

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