The Half Vegetable Rule

The Half Vegetable Rule

I wrote in this post that one of my 8 food rules was to make my lunches and dinners half vegetables. This strategy has been helping me during all my traveling and getting back on track now that I’m home so I was inspired to write about it! I don’t remember where I saw it but at some point during my journey I saw this suggested and I loved it. It just makes sense! You get more of the goodness of vegetables in your diet and you cut the calories you consume by a lot.

Basically, look at your plate and divide it in half in your mind. One half is your main course (ours is usually chicken) and maybe some carbs (like brown rice) and then the other half is veggies! If they’re green and leafy, even better. I like anything easy so I will just grab some salad (I really like salad!) or throw some Green Giant Broccoli Steamers in the microwave for example.

It’s surprisingly good for frozen vegetables! Served here with some Garlic Balsamic Chicken I baked up.

Another easy side I love to make is roasted vegetables like carrots, zucchini, or asparagus.

I got my father-in-law’s glazed salmon recipe and paired it with roasted zucchini

I also like to take meals that would normally go into a tortilla or onto a sandwich and put it on a…wait for it…. salad! Okay I’ll shut up about salad now. Check out my Slow Cooker Taco Chicken recipe for example.

Don’t get me wrong, I still eat tortillas and bread, but when I can avoid carbs (or need to to keep my calories in check), I do. Plus, just one slice of my preferred bread is 90 calories. The tortillas I like are 180 calories each! In the long run, these carbs just don’t last for me or keep me full. You will be surprised how much better vegetables fill you up and keep you full longer.

Beef Stir Fry I served with Brown Rice

So I lied…I’m going to talk about salad again! Be careful with dressing. That’s where all your calories are. Most dressing I’ve come across has a serving of 2 tablespoons. That doesn’t seem like much when you’re first starting out on your healthier eating journey but you get used to it. My salads used to drown in dressing but not anymore. It’s easy to get sick of the same old salad so try to mix it up. Different styles, toppings, dressings. Try to compliment whatever other foods you’re eating with it like how I did this Italian vinaigrette on spinach to go with my homemade Baked Ziti dish.

When I was eating so badly last week, I had to do a 180 and eat super healthy to balance it out to make my 2 pound weight loss goal. I baked that Garlic Balsamic Chicken in a big batch and put it on salads!

 I can’t stress enough how much this rule has helped me out. Like I said, I was so surprised at how I feel actually full after eating a heaping plate of vegetables. Try it out! I’d love to see your photos and hear your stories about your half vegetable meals! See you Sunday!

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  • Half vegetable rule?… This is one I haven’t heard before and I love it! Thank you for sharing your journey and helping others, such as myself, know how we too can eat for better health and happiness! 🙂

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