Those Dreaded Shin Splints

Those Dreaded Shin Splints

Happy Hump Day!

I went from my BEST RUN EVER last week to taking it easy this week. Running 6.26 miles irritated some minor shin splints in my right leg that I had already been battling for a couple of weeks. Then, to add the cherry on top of the ouch sundae, I did 2 miles of speed work a few days later (read: running about as hard as I can!) My shin was hurting quite a bit more so I knew I had to take it easy this week. I even went to see my doctor just in case and she told me to rest. I’m currently trying active rest by walking and I can tell it’s working.

Run to your nearest doctor’s office for these couture shorts! Pay no mind to how pale my legs are…

One week ago today, I almost broke my streak. Knowing I needed to rest didn’t help, plus I’d had a busy day and put off my walk until the afternoon. At 7 P.M. it was do or die time because my son had to be in bed at 7:30 and I couldn’t leave the house after that because my husband was at work. FINE FINE – I kicked my butt in gear and went for a 1 mile walk. Alex was raring to go!

This is how the stroller works, right?

I’ve kept the streak alive walking or running at least 1 mile every day since June 1st (it started with Streaking with the COOL KIDS) and I’m on day 49! Here is a breakdown of my workouts this week:

Saturday was the Marysville Peach Festival 5k!

It was my first time pushing my son in the stroller in a race and it was really fun. You can read all about my experience in my Race Recap!

I’d say I’m not super thrilled to be walking because it’s kind of boring BUT it’s a lot better than laying on my back not being able to move! So…I’ll be positive and say I’m thankful for walking! Plus, I got stroller miles every single day this week! Alex loves going on these walks, eating snacks, snuggling a stuffed animal, and chatting about everything we see 🙂

Could there be a cuter walking partner?

My goal this week is to focus on healing! I need these shin splints GONE before I start half marathon training on August 6th! When I first set that date, it seemed so far and now it’s only about 2 weeks away!

What are your goals for this week? Comment below! Have a wonderful, health-filled week!

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