Transformation Tuesday

Transformation Tuesday

I wanted to share some before and after photos of my transformation and what better day to do this than Transformation Tuesday? One of my friends came to visit and we spent a day in San Francisco so I thought it would be so fun to make that my theme today!

I have lost 90 pounds.

That number doesn’t even seem real! That’s just so much. However, when I see old pictures of myself before I lost weight, I definitely believe it.

Me in San Francisco April 2015
My son and me in San Francisco March 2017

I’m thankful that my journey started with loving my body at my biggest first. I’m proud of myself for loving it enough to make healthy changes though! For me, when I was bigger, I thought I felt fine. Now, when I eat unhealthy or go too long without exercise, I feel like crap. I think I always felt like crap but I didn’t know it because that’s just how I always felt! So that’s one transformation, how I feel physically and even mentally. I’m so much more energetic and happier. I used to deal with depression but not anymore!

Palace of Fine Arts!

Β The next transformation is the more obvious one: my body. I still have a long way to go but I’m so happy with where I am right now. I have so many more options for clothing! This is huge for me. I don’t feel like I’m going to break less-than-sturdy furniture. I can sit in a standard sized bathtub comfortably now. I’m about to go on my first plane ride since I lost all this weight and I’m interested to see how well I fit into my seat haha! My friends and I were talking about these things and they said “small victories.” That’s exactly what they are and I’ll take them!

Β The final transformation I want to mention is confidence. It’s amazing how powerful confidence is. Maybe some people still look at me now and think I’m fat but I don’t care. I feel amazing as is and excited to keep going. I don’t feel disgusting and insecure anymore. My self-confidence was incredibly low before this journey. I wish I could put into words how much better it is now!

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Happy #TransformationTuesday Everybody!

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