Walking the Walk

Walking the Walk

In last week’s post, I talked about the bane of my current existence, shin splints. I have been practicing active rest by walking instead of running. They are doing much much better but I still feel some aches here and there. I did finally break my streak after 48 days straight of running or walking at least 1 mile every day.

The streak was SO FUN while it lasted but I feel like I need the rest to heal completely. Plus, I’ll be taking rest days during my upcoming half marathon training so the streak couldn’t have lasted much longer. Here’s a rundown of my week:

I’m still going for my goal of 75 miles in the month of July so my strategy is to walk out the remaining miles ASAP and then rest until the Fit Approach EMPOWER Race 5k on August 5th.

Speaking of races, I changed my mind and signed up for the Urban Cow Half Marathon to be my first half!

I was previously going to do the Healdsburg Wine Country Half but decided Urban Cow overall works better for me. The biggest reason is that my dad will be in town from Colorado for my son’s birthday and I think it would be really special for him to be at my first half marathon! In fact, Urban Cow is on October 1st which is the day my son was born 2 years ago 🙂

Look at this nugget!

This does give me a few weeks less to train but I think it will be fine. The race has a generous time limit so I could even walk it if I had to. Don’t worry, I will definitely not be walking my first half!

My goal this week is to REST. I have a friend visiting over the weekend who can walk my last few miles with me! After that I’ll just be lazing about and hopefully healing and ridding my leg of these shin splints for good! What are your goals for the week? Comment below!

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  • Glad your shins are better- super cool you are signing up for your first half! I am still chicken.. love your photos btw, do you take them with your phone ? Sweet baby photo- I miss those days…

    • I always took all my photos with my phone until a few weeks ago when I bought a GoPro Session and I love it! I miss those sweet baby days sometimes too haha 🙂 I can’t believe how grown up he is getting so fast!

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