Weekly Weigh-In April 16, 2017

Weekly Weigh-In April 16, 2017

Happy Easter, everyone! I’m happy to report that I was much more balanced this week. I didn’t have any pig-out sessions and I took it a little easier in the running department. Here’s a break down of my week:

On Friday, I did a practice run for my upcoming Harmony Health Earth Day 5k.

This week I learned about what’s called Negative Splitting. This is where you pace yourself and run slower in the first half of your run to conserve energy and build up for a faster second half. I wanted to implement this lesson into my 5k practice run and it totally worked for me! I won’t lie, by my third mile, there were plenty of times I wanted to stop and walk. However, I had set a goal for myself and wanted to run 3 miles without stopping so I pushed through it and my third mile was theΒ fastest of the three! And, of course, I felt so amazing after my run. My times were 12:08, 12:31 (I took a selfie stop, oops!), and 12:02. I was excited when I saw these numbers were so even and I was proud of myself. This was also a good lesson for me to remember that even though I’m a slow runner, I am a runner. That just feels amazing! I’ve come so far in a seemingly short amount of time because I never gave up.

I hit my goal of 2 pounds lost this week bringing me to 210 pounds. I am beyond excited about the fact that I will soon be under 200 pounds! I probably haven’t been that low since Sophomore or Junior year of High School. I have now lost 95 pounds with 35 to go to reach my goal weight!

This has been such a great week overall. I got to meet Stephanie of RunStrongRun!

She is a huge inspiration to me and I feel so lucky that I had the chance to meet her and pick her brain about blogging and running! You should definitely check out her blog and follow her on social media. She will make you want to get out and get moving!

This coming week I’ll be doing my first 5k since December so I’m really excited about it! Check out my new Races page to see my upcoming 5k races. Hopefully I’ll be adding more soon and I’d love it if you would register and join me!

Here’s to another week of healthy choices! Have a great one!

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  • You are doing SO fantastic Christa! Way to go on your negative split run! I’m still trying to work on that one… I always seem to go out too fast. Again, it was SUCH a pleasure to meet you. I can’t wait until our next in-person encounter! πŸ˜„

    • I’m sure when you run as many miles as you do, negative split is A LOT harder! I can’t wait until our next meeting either! We have to plan a run together soon!

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