Weekly Weigh-In April 9, 2017

Weekly Weigh-In April 9, 2017

I’ll admit it, guys. I really struggled with food this week. I don’t know why but I couldn’t stop snacking. At least I mostly snacked on fruit and whole grain crackers but when you snack enough, your calories add up.

You know how something seems like a great idea at the time and then later you’re like “What was I thinking?!” Yeah…that was me with food most of theย week. One night, I ate 4 slices of pizza for dinner when I usually only have 1 or 2 with a side salad. The next night, a friend and I got really excited because we discovered there’s a Texas Roadhouse an hour away.

REALLY excited!

We made a spontaneous trip down there and of course, I wasn’t going to drive all that way and not get a big steak dinner, right? So here’s where I’m like “What was I thinking?!” I enjoy a cheat meal probably once a week and I’m all about balance but this wasn’t balance. I was justย pigging out for some reason! That saying “You can’t outrun a bad diet” kept ringing in my head because that pesky number on the scale wasn’t dropping.

Thanks a lot, delicious steak.

Starting the day after that juicy prime rib (that rocketed me to about 2,000 calories that day), I started eating extra well. I was basically a rabbit for two days. I didn’t starve myself. I got back to my regular calorie level, it just consisted of more vegetables and fewer carbs.

I felt so much better and I hit my goal of 2ย pounds lost for the week! I’m at 212 pounds for a total of 93 pounds lost. I was kind of down on myself about food this week when I don’t normally beat myself up about it. And look….I still hit my goal so being down about it was pointless. I guess I just needed this reminder not to do that!

Here is a rundown of my workouts this week:

I’ll be doing the Harmony Health Earth Day 5k in Yuba City on April 22nd and I’d love to see some friendly faces there! I’ll be continuing to train for that and hopefully eating in a more balanced manner all week too. You can also now follow me on Twitter!

What are your goals for the week? Have a greatย one!

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