We’re Going Streaking!

We’re Going Streaking!

Happy Monday, Friends! As opposed to last week, I was ready and willing to write my post for today! We all have good days (or weeks) and bad but I’m definitely happy to be back to feeling good! I also mentioned last week that I would be starting a month-long run streak for #streakingwiththeCOOLKIDS on Facebook and Instagram.

I have also set a goal to run 65 miles this month.

My streak and my goal are both off to a strong start. As of day 4, I’ve already goneΒ 11 miles! Here is a rundown of my workouts:

I ate pretty well all week with no big cheat meals. I finally dropped under 200 lbs for the first time in my adult life! I lost 3 lbs this week dropping me to 197 for a total loss of 108 lbs!

On Thursday, it was day 1 of my run streak and I was itching to get a good long run in. I texted my running friends Kelsey and Katja because we had been wanting to run together and we met up that evening!

We ran/walked 4 miles in the 90 degree heat! I had been hydrating all day long in preparation but it wasn’t quite enough. I felt a little nauseous and woozy when we got back to our cars. These women came to the rescue giving me some of their water and electrolyte drinks! I think I’ll stick to running early in the morning. Those temperatures are killer!

Β One of the local Moms Run This Town chapters that I’m part of is having a running scavenger hunt this month! For example, one of the items is a picture with another runner that’s not running with you. So while I was out with Kelsey and Katja, I asked a girl we saw doing hill sprints (ow!) to take a selfie with me!

Kelsey got in on our picture too haha!

It’s been an entertaining challenge trying to get pictures of everything on the list while I’m out running. I even accidentally ran an extra mile on Friday roaming around finding things.

Sprinklers, American flag, body of water, and sunrise. Check!

#RunChat on Twitter (@therunchat) is also having #RunChatHunt this month until June 30th so you should all join in on the fun! You can even win a prize πŸ™‚

A couple of weeks ago, I won a giveaway on Instagram thrown by @runner_jess_!Β I received my winnings in the mail this week with a cute note written on the bag!

I have already used both of my nuun hydration performance packets and loved them! I drank the first one to recover from the 4 mile run I talked about before. I drank the second one before my Women’s Fitness Festival 5k and I could tell a huge difference during my race. I didn’t feel dehydrated mid-run which is an issue I have that I’ve been meaning to address for a while. I definitely need to invest in some more! I’m saving the huma gel packets for when I try some longer runs soon. More specifically, when I start my half marathon training!

Yes…I have officially registered for my first half marathon!!

I have previously mentioned I was interested in doing the Golden Gate Half Marathon but have since changed my mind. I decided to take a friend up on her offer of free entry to the Healdsburg Wine Country Half Marathon! (You can see this and other events I’ll be running on my Races page.) I’m scared but hey, if a goal doesn’t scare you a little bit, you’re not dreaming big enough, right? I’m very excited and ready to face this challenge! Thankfully, I still have about a month before I really start training up. For those of you thinking “wait, what about running the Golden Gate Bridge?” I will be running the bridge at some point before we move to Germany! Possibly when I’m in San Francisco for the Fit ApproachΒ EMPOWER Race.

I received another awesome package in the mail this week on the same day as the nuun and huma gel: my first ever Pro Compression socks!

I have had my eye on Pro Compression for what feels like forever. They have such cute socks and I love a good matching running outfit. However, I never wanted to spend the money because I don’t run long distance. I think the stars aligned and I was destined to have these because within a few days of registering for my half marathon, Pro Compression had a grab bag sale! I finally had a long distance race in my future so I bought a mystery pack of 3 pairs of socks for only $36. They are usually $50 a pair. The catch was that I had no idea what colors were coming my way. I have to say I feel very lucky because the 2 on the left were ones that I’ve been wanting.

I wore a pair for the first time at the Women’s Fitness Festival and loved them. Usually when I run 3+ miles, a few toes on my right foot go numb and that didn’t happen with these socks. Also, my calves weren’t burning like they did in my last 2 races even though I was running my fastest 5k to date at a 10:30 pace!

I definitely earned my mimosa!

The Women’s Fitness Festival was my favorite event I’ve run so far! It was SO FUN! Read my Race Recap here! I also wrote a review of the race on BibRave.com. Read it here!

This week will be more streaking for me including attempting a 10k on my own this weekend! What are your goals for the week? Comment below!

6 thoughts on “We’re Going Streaking!”

  • Looking good with those socks on; I’m also a fan of compression socks. Anyway, congrats on your running and cheers to more marathon!

  • Awesome job on the run streak.
    I too weight just over 200 pounds. I have been working hard for the past two weeks and am hoping to be 197 at the end of this week just like you.
    Man losing weight is hard.

    • I hope you make your goal! It definitely is hard…especially the lower you go. I’m learning that very quickly! Congrats on your weight loss!

  • Wow! So many great things happening in your running world! I am so jealous of your PRO grab bag! You got so many great socks! I look forward to hearing more about your half marathon training! πŸ˜„

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