Hallo aus Deutschland!

Hallo aus Deutschland!

Guten Tag! After a hectic month of moving from California to Germany, we are finally settled in our new home! I’m happy to be getting back into a normal routine, running again, and now writing again.

I love Germany! It’s unbelievably beautiful here and the German people are incredibly friendly. I feel so fortunate to be able to spend the next four years here.

Between my husband working almost every day, mom duties, errands, and not having a stroller to run with, I took about a three week break from running. I’m happy to say I jumped back in head first and I’ve been running regularly again. I’m also glad to tell you that my vegan diet is still in tact. I had been told by several people what a hard time I would have being vegan over here, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. I have actually had an easier time here than I did in the States. Every restaurant we’ve been to has had vegetarian options that I could make vegan by simply skipping the cheese. The local markets have whole sections of meatless options and here is my favorite part: they are just as cheap as non-veg products!

Vegan burger with sweet potato fries!

A problem I have had with the switch to veganism has been that I eat way too many carbohydrates. In my omnivore days, I would eat mostly just meats and vegetables for my meals to stay low carb and lose weight. Without meat being an option anymore, I latched onto breads, rice, and pasta big time. This week I am finally turning this around! I am now keeping my carbs minimal by loading my plate with more fruits, vegetables, meat substitutes, and legumes. I will still be eating whole grains, of course, just in much smaller portions. I don’t have a scale right now (probably good) but I can tell I have put on some pounds since December. Hopefully less carb intake plus running again will having me slimming back down.

As soon as all the moving hoopla started dying down, I began searching for my next half marathon. On May 6th, I’ll be running the half at the Gutenberg Marathon Mainz! I’ll start my 12 week training plan next week. I’m thrilled to be back in training mode and hitting the trails for those long runs!

Speaking of trails, there are walking paths connecting all of the villages here. I can literally walk out my front door and run as far as I want on safe, paved trails. That is going to be priceless for training! I’ve run several times now and never run the same path twice so far. I’m loving exploring and taking in the beautiful sights.

Back in December, I set some running goals for 2018: 1. Run at least two half marathons. 2. Travel for a race. The Gutenberg half will be half #1. Half #2 will be the Rock ‘n’ Roll Lisbon Half Marathon! That’s right, I’ll be checking off my second goal by traveling to Portugal in October! I’m over the moon about this trip! I’ll be attending with my sister-in-law who will be running her first full marathon at this event! I’m so excited for her! I’ll also be running smaller races at least once a month. I’m still working on filling my calendar but you can see my updated races page here.

All in all, I’m feeling so thrilled about the boundless opportunities Germany and Europe have to offer me! What are your goals for 2018? Comment or send me a message! I hope you all have a wonderful week!

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