Let the Training Begin

Let the Training Begin

Happy #MotivationMonday! My motivation today is that training for my second half marathon officially begins this week! Whoop whoop! (You can read about my first ever half marathon at the Urban Cow Half here!) If you could see me, you’d see me doing a happy dance. I’m very excited about this training cycle and my next big race, the Gutenberg Marathon Mainz Half!

Right now, I’m really missing my Moms Run This Town tribe back in California! After training together for the Urban Cow Half Marathon last year, it feels lonely to train without them! Miss you ladies!!

I’ve been getting prepped for this training cycle by stocking up on the essentials like Clif bars, GU gels, Body Glide, and Vaseline. My rollers and hydration pack are still on their way from the U.S. but I can survive without them for a few more weeks. I also took the time to make a training calendar. I only trained for 8 weeks prior to Urban Cow. For the Gutenberg Half, I’m taking my time and training for 12 weeks. I think it will be better since I didn’t run much in January and I’m still getting my endurance and speed back. Plus, I’m having to adjust to running on a lot of hills here which was not something I had to deal with back home. Those extra 4 weeks will give me plenty of time to adapt! Here’s my schedule for Week 1:

This past week, I participated in the Strava 5x5k Challenge! The goal was to get out for 3.1 miles 5 days in a row but as long as you did 25k total from February 5th to the 9th, it counted. I had a busy couple of days where I couldn’t run so here is how I got my 25k done:

I took a different route each time and saw so many pretty views! I especially loved my 10k run where I ran through an old mining village, over huge hills, and out to a scenic forest.

Every run has been a new adventure and I’m excited to see what all I find during this training cycle!

What are your training must-haves? What is the next event you’re training for? Comment below! Have a wonderful week!

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  • Your MRTT crew misses you bunches but you’re with us in our hearts… and in mini form too 😉 I’m so excited to see all the fun trails you discover in your training. The pics you’ve posted make me rather jealous! Know that we’re with you every step of the way!

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