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More Miles Means More Hunger

More Miles Means More Hunger

First things first, I did something this week that I haven’t done in nearly a month – I lost weight!

Only 1 pound but I’m so excited for that pound haha. I’ve now lost a total of 109 pounds. I’ve been eating pretty well and trying to stay balanced. I’ve been running a lot though and more miles means more hunger so it can be tough. Let’s hope the number keeps dropping! Here’s a breakdown of my runs this week:

I’ve been saving up money for a few months to be able to afford my very first Garmin GPS running watch. I finally got it this week! I bought the Garmin Forerunner 235 and I’m so in love with it. I wrote a separate review post because there are so many reasons why this watch is awesome! Read my review here!

Where I live, there are several Moms Run This Town chapters so I am actually a member of 3 different ones! I’ve been running with the closest nearby chapter since April but schedule conflicts have been preventing me from running with the other 2 chapters thus far. On Thursday, I was FINALLY able to make it to another chapter’s run! It was so nice to meet this group of ladies face to face after knowing them online for a few months!

We ran 5 miles at our own pace. The member on her bike is Misty who is a bada** (sorry there’s just no other word for her!) heavy weightlifter, Spartan racer, and marathoner! She’s bike training because she’s going to be adding Triathlete to that long list of accomplishments! (You can and should follow her on Instagram under the tag disneyprincess_on_the_run!) The chapter leader and I ran together and got to know each other. She’s training for her first full marathon! All along the 5 miles, she was giving me tons of great half marathon tips and advice. She really got me pumped up and excited to start training! (Is it August yet?) She helped me hit an awesome milestone as well: I ran the entire 5 miles without any walking! I had never run more than 3 miles without a walking break before. That felt pretty amazing!

It’s a little tough to make it to the MRTT events with my husband’s constantly-changing work schedule but I’m going to keep going to all the group runs I can because these women are awesome!

Another milestone I hit this week was setting a new personal record for my fastest mile. I did it for the #MyMile challenge for Strava and ran a mile in 9:22! I was expecting around a 10 minute mile so I was really surprised at my time. Basically, I sprinted as hard as I could until I felt like laying down and dying, walked for a few seconds, and then sprinted some more. Rinse and repeat. I was drenched in sweat and had to lay on the floor twice as long to recover haha. I felt super accomplished though!

Tuesday was Independence Day so to celebrate, I put together the most red, white and blue outfit ever and set out for a run.

I had Alex in the stroller and we ran 4 miles to celebrate the 4th! We headed across town to run near the river and enjoy the sights. It was a bit warm and muggy but overall a really nice, easy run!

Independence Day means it’s July which means the end of June and therefore the end of #streakingwiththeCOOLKIDS.

Three lucky runners won some amazing prizes and unfortunately I wasn’t one of them but this streak was really great! 1. I made some new online running friends. The more the merrier! 2. I managed to get up and get out the door every single day and walk or run at least a mile. There were a few days that I wouldn’t have done so without this streak to motivate me. By the 3oth day, it just felt like a habit! The streak may be over for some but I’m still going! In my wildest dreams, I’ll make it all the way until next year’s event. We’ll see 😀 With the help of the streak, I was able to surpass my goal of 65 miles for the month of June!

I’ve set the bar for July at 75 miles! I was going to set it higher but half marathon training starts in August and I don’t want to do too much too soon and risk injuring myself and compromising my training. I’m not letting anything stand in the way of me and that Half!

I’m doing the Healdsburg Wine Country Half Marathon on October 28th. Who’s coming with me? We can train together – in person or virtually. I would love to see you jump in on this journey! Here is a link to my newly revamped Races page where you can now find links to my Race Recaps and BibRave Reviews!

My goal this week is to lose at least 1 pound and do a long run of 5.5 miles. What are your goals right now? Comment below!

Pushing for Those Goals

Pushing for Those Goals

Happy Monday, everybody! I hope your week is starting off great! 🙂

I went into this past week still dealing with foot pain thanks to my 6.2 mile trail run I mentioned last week. It was a little frustrating not being able to run but I didn’t want a small injury becoming a big one. Instead of running, I just made sure to get out the door and walk a mile each day to continue my my streak for #StreakingwiththeCOOLKIDS.

My foot felt a little better each day until I was able to run pain-free on Wednesday. It was so nice! I was able to run for a few days and then my knee started bothering me again. Today I will be calling my doctor in hopes of getting a referral to physical therapy. It’s been a couple of months of this on and off knee issue and nothing I’m doing is making it go away. I’m looking forward to getting some medical help with it so I can keep running! Here’s a rundown of my workouts this week:

After taking a break from the scale last week, I did end up weighing myself this week out of curiosity. 200 pounds, a 3 pound increase. Not surprising thanks to all the carbs I was eating combined with the diminished amount of exercise I was able to do. I won’t lie, I still snacked a lot this week but not as much and I did a lot better with balancing it by eating really healthy meals like salads. The difference this week was I didn’t feel bad about snacking. I got a lot of encouragement both here and on Instagram in response to last week’s blog post and I was reminded that this is a journey. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. So I thought “it is what it is” and made what changes I could and just kept going.

I got my grocery list ready to go and hit the Commissary yesterday to start my clean eating plan! Yesterday was day 1 and I have to say it was such a mixture of feeling great and rough at the same time! Eating well always makes me feel great. The rough side was caused by lack of caffeine because I’m not drinking coffee during this plan. I haven’t been pleased with the fact that I need 2 or 3 cups just to make it through the day so I’m giving it up. What else did I give up? All those yummy, carby snacks! So not only was I seriously tired and on the verge of falling asleep all day, but I was HUNGRY. But…I made it. I stayed awake somehow and I didn’t eat any extra snacks or junk. Small victories!

Speaking of small victories, I completed my Moms Run This Town scavenger hunt and I’m now in a tie breaker round!

Just needed this golf course!

I have to find 15 items while out exercising before this Wednesday the 21st. The competitive side of me is definitely coming out and I’M BRINGING IT. Okay so I really want to win but aside from that, these scavenger hunts have been incredibly fun! I’ve loved the challenge of deciding where to run in hopes of finding an item. I hope our group continues to do this event from time to time!

My goals this week are to win the scavenger hunt (ha!), stick to this clean eating plan and feel amazing, and hopefully RUN! I’m still trying to reach my goal of running 65 miles in the month of June.

What are your goals this week or this month? Have a GREAT one!

Why I Didn’t Step On The Scale This Week

Why I Didn’t Step On The Scale This Week

It all started with giving into my runger (intense hunger brought on by a run!) on Sunday after I ran hard at the Women’s Fitness Festival 5k. It just kind of never stopped all week. Everything I ate was technically healthy but my calories consisted of mostly carbs such as crackers, pretzels, bagels, and breads. This led to me being a bloatmonster all week. I say that as light-heartedly and jokingly as possible 😀 Honestly though, I was seriously bloated and it effected my runs and emotions. On my runs, I couldn’t even make it 1 or 2 miles without taking walking breaks and I just felt sluggish. My emotions were up and down. I’d feel great after running but around the mid-afternoon point, I’d feel really down. In these down moments, I would start doubting myself, my weight loss, my running abilities, my blogging abilities, my parenting even! What boggles my mind is how FOOD can make me feel this way. I’m proud to say that when I had these doubts, I would think about kind words people have said to me, accomplishments I’ve achieved, how far I’ve come on this journey, etc. I refused to give in to these self-doubts. Mental and emotional health are just as important as physical health. To take care of myself in that way, I did myself a favor and didn’t step on the scale all week. Here’s a rundown of my workouts:

Instead, I tried to focus on non-scale victories. For one, I kept up on my run streak for #StreakingwiththeCOOLKIDS! I may have felt sluggish on some of those runs, but I still got out and did my miles! I changed up my running locations a lot to get different items for my running scavenger hunts!

Public art, yard sale, sports field, sunset…check!

I even finished the @therunchat and @RoadID‘s #RunChatHunt!

I’m also only one item away from completing my local Moms Run This Town chapter’s scavenger hunt! I need a golf course so I’ll be heading to the Air Force Base here in the next few days to run there and get it. Running is going to be so boring when I’m not tracking down sights haha!

One milestone I achieved this week was my furthest run to date at 6.2 miles. I had known a week in advance that I wanted to attempt this distance so I created an event in the Moms Run This Town Facebook group inviting women to join me on Saturday morning. Despite the bright (well…dark) and early start time of 5:00 A.M., five of my fellow running moms showed up!

I don’t think I would’ve run the whole distance if not for them. During mile 2, I kept considering turning back and only doing 3-4 miles because, once again, I was feeling sluggish. I pressed on and I’m so glad that I did! I ate an energy gel packet during mile 4 to be sure I had enough fuel to finish the run. I didn’t expect it to have the great effect that it did which was adding a pep in my step during the last 2 miles! I seriously felt a jolt of energy and ran miles 5 and 6 the fastest. Here are my splits:

My goal had been to keep a 12 minute per mile average pace and I ended up with 11:35 which made me feel great! This run made it clear that I’ll have no problems training up and running a half marathon in October!

Unfortunately, part of this amazing run was on an unpaved trail and I took a weird step that has caused some foot pain. I’ve been taking measures to heal it so hopefully it will clear up fast and I don’t have to take a break from running. I really don’t want to jeopardize my run streak or my goal of running 65 miles in June.

Another non-scale victory I celebrated this week was being featured in the online magazine Allegory Ridge! They reached out to me on Twitter saying they had found my blog and wanted me to write a personal essay about my weight loss for their website. I was honored and excited to have this opportunity to tell my story! If you haven’t seen it, take this link and give it a read.

Overall, it was a week full of things to feel good about! It’s unfortunate that my eating caused me to feel the opposite but I’m taking charge. I refuse to give up and let all my hard work go to waste. We all make mistakes, fail, and fall down and I’m going to get back up, brush myself off, and keep going! As I’m writing this, I have a notepad ready to make a grocery list for a clean eating plan. I need a nutrition overhaul! I think I’m going to try this 31 Day Plan from FitFluential. What do you think? What’s your favorite clean eating plan or recipe? Share in the comments below!

Have a great week, everyone!

We’re Going Streaking!

We’re Going Streaking!

Happy Monday, Friends! As opposed to last week, I was ready and willing to write my post for today! We all have good days (or weeks) and bad but I’m definitely happy to be back to feeling good! I also mentioned last week that I would be starting a month-long run streak for #streakingwiththeCOOLKIDS on Facebook and Instagram.

I have also set a goal to run 65 miles this month.

My streak and my goal are both off to a strong start. As of day 4, I’ve already gone 11 miles! Here is a rundown of my workouts:

I ate pretty well all week with no big cheat meals. I finally dropped under 200 lbs for the first time in my adult life! I lost 3 lbs this week dropping me to 197 for a total loss of 108 lbs!

On Thursday, it was day 1 of my run streak and I was itching to get a good long run in. I texted my running friends Kelsey and Katja because we had been wanting to run together and we met up that evening!

We ran/walked 4 miles in the 90 degree heat! I had been hydrating all day long in preparation but it wasn’t quite enough. I felt a little nauseous and woozy when we got back to our cars. These women came to the rescue giving me some of their water and electrolyte drinks! I think I’ll stick to running early in the morning. Those temperatures are killer!

 One of the local Moms Run This Town chapters that I’m part of is having a running scavenger hunt this month! For example, one of the items is a picture with another runner that’s not running with you. So while I was out with Kelsey and Katja, I asked a girl we saw doing hill sprints (ow!) to take a selfie with me!

Kelsey got in on our picture too haha!

It’s been an entertaining challenge trying to get pictures of everything on the list while I’m out running. I even accidentally ran an extra mile on Friday roaming around finding things.

Sprinklers, American flag, body of water, and sunrise. Check!

#RunChat on Twitter (@therunchat) is also having #RunChatHunt this month until June 30th so you should all join in on the fun! You can even win a prize 🙂

A couple of weeks ago, I won a giveaway on Instagram thrown by @runner_jess_I received my winnings in the mail this week with a cute note written on the bag!

I have already used both of my nuun hydration performance packets and loved them! I drank the first one to recover from the 4 mile run I talked about before. I drank the second one before my Women’s Fitness Festival 5k and I could tell a huge difference during my race. I didn’t feel dehydrated mid-run which is an issue I have that I’ve been meaning to address for a while. I definitely need to invest in some more! I’m saving the huma gel packets for when I try some longer runs soon. More specifically, when I start my half marathon training!

Yes…I have officially registered for my first half marathon!!

I have previously mentioned I was interested in doing the Golden Gate Half Marathon but have since changed my mind. I decided to take a friend up on her offer of free entry to the Healdsburg Wine Country Half Marathon! (You can see this and other events I’ll be running on my Races page.) I’m scared but hey, if a goal doesn’t scare you a little bit, you’re not dreaming big enough, right? I’m very excited and ready to face this challenge! Thankfully, I still have about a month before I really start training up. For those of you thinking “wait, what about running the Golden Gate Bridge?” I will be running the bridge at some point before we move to Germany! Possibly when I’m in San Francisco for the Fit Approach EMPOWER Race.

I received another awesome package in the mail this week on the same day as the nuun and huma gel: my first ever Pro Compression socks!

I have had my eye on Pro Compression for what feels like forever. They have such cute socks and I love a good matching running outfit. However, I never wanted to spend the money because I don’t run long distance. I think the stars aligned and I was destined to have these because within a few days of registering for my half marathon, Pro Compression had a grab bag sale! I finally had a long distance race in my future so I bought a mystery pack of 3 pairs of socks for only $36. They are usually $50 a pair. The catch was that I had no idea what colors were coming my way. I have to say I feel very lucky because the 2 on the left were ones that I’ve been wanting.

I wore a pair for the first time at the Women’s Fitness Festival and loved them. Usually when I run 3+ miles, a few toes on my right foot go numb and that didn’t happen with these socks. Also, my calves weren’t burning like they did in my last 2 races even though I was running my fastest 5k to date at a 10:30 pace!

I definitely earned my mimosa!

The Women’s Fitness Festival was my favorite event I’ve run so far! It was SO FUN! Read my Race Recap here! I also wrote a review of the race on BibRave.com. Read it here!

This week will be more streaking for me including attempting a 10k on my own this weekend! What are your goals for the week? Comment below!

I’m Just 1 Pound Away…

I’m Just 1 Pound Away…

Happy Monday!

This was the 2nd and final week of the Sweating Awesome Facebook Accountability Group. I loved this group because we lifted each other up and they helped me A LOT. I stuck to my goals, got back on track with eating, and I lost 2 more pounds this week for a total of 4 pounds lost during the group. I hadn’t lost weight for 2 weeks before we formed up so they really turned me around!

I weigh 200 lbs for a total weight loss of 105 lbs! I wanted to hit 199 and enter “onederland” but that’s okay. I’ll get it next week for sure! I may have gotten there if I’d exercised more but I was dealing with foot pain waiting for my new shoes to arrive and resting up for a 5k. Here’s a rundown of my workouts this week:

I had a special challenge during this second week in the form of my dad being in town for a visit. I don’t know about you, but anytime we have a visitor or we go on vacation, I eat pretty horribly. We always go out to eat a lot and it’s not always easy to find a healthy dish to order. Or, if you’re like me, it’s not always easy to pick the healthy dish 🙂 Thanks to the Accountability Group, I made the extra effort to make sure we always ate somewhere with healthy options and I ordered them! There were a few times that I felt bad that we couldn’t eat at some of the less nutritious places my dad and I like to go to (Hello, In N Out!) The group helped me get more comfortable with the idea of making sure I’m taking care of my health no matter what. I know 100% my dad didn’t mind where we ate, but I feel bad or less fun in situations like that. But guess what…we all ate and had a lot of fun and it didn’t matter! I need to take this lesson forward with me when I don’t have a group to fall back on.

My dad rode his motorcycle from Colorado here to California for this visit. Then, something happened that hadn’t happened in 10 years: I got to ride on the bike with him! This is significant to me because I used to be too big to ride with him. He never said it and I never asked but I knew. He rides to military memorials and monuments for the Tour of Honor which benefits veterans. So we set out to visit 2 sites in my local area.

These memorials were beautiful and well-kept. I appreciate the fact that my dad honors fallen heroes like this.

We also kept seeing rooster/chicken art everywhere we went!

We found a great restaurant in Woodland, CA called Chick Peas for lunch.

I had a chicken hummus plate with yummy veggie toppings and pita! I was happy to find this gem among the more convenient unhealthy food joints around.

It felt great to go out on the bike again. I feel more connected to nature and my surroundings than I do in a car. I feel the same way when I run outside. The reminder of how far I’ve come with my weight loss was a nice cherry on the sundae.

On Tuesday, my shiny new shoes arrived on my front door step! On Wednesday, I took them out for a 2 mile run and they felt amazing. It was like running on clouds!

I was running a little slower and pacing myself for an easy run. With my old shoes, that would’ve had me at about 11:30 pace per mile. These shoes made a huge difference with an average pace of 10:54. That pace would have been me pushing myself in my old shoes. Crazy! My knee problem also seemed to disappear once I made the switch. My foot is still healing from feeling like it has no padding. I have to wear sandals around the house because I stand on the hard floor in the kitchen a lot. Anyway, these shoes are fantastic! I will definitely be more mindful about when to upgrade from now on.

I also got my first Momentum wrap bracelet that you can see in the photo above. It says “She believed she could so she did” which I felt was the most perfect quote to sum up my weight loss and running journey. These bracelets are cute and when I struggle with a run, now I know I can look down and there will be a reminder of my hard work to push me!

On Saturday, May 20th, I participated in the Run Around the Rice 5k in Richvale, CA! I will be posting a race recap soon but let me just say, it was a hard run. Overall, it was a fun event and great learning experience and I’m glad I ran it!

Remember last week when I said I was thinking about running the Golden Gate Half Marathon? I’m probably going to do it. I was offered free entry into another half marathon which was tempting but I kept thinking about how we’re a military family and this could be my only chance to run the Golden Gate Bridge. It’s funny how life works because that’s been on my mind all week and then we actually got orders this weekend. We’ll be moving to Germany soon! It’s going to be an exciting new adventure. Being a runner, of course, one of my first thoughts was about finding beautiful places to run haha 😀 BUT…back to my main topic here, this is just one more thing pushing me toward this half marathon!

Do you have any advice for training for a big race? Comment below! Also take a look at my Races page and join me 🙂

My Perfect Runner Mother’s Day

My Perfect Runner Mother’s Day

I’m starting Motivation Monday by appreciating my calf muscles in this photo! I’ve always been very self-conscious of my legs. It feels so good to see them getting leaner and getting stronger!

It was week 1 of my accountability group on Facebook. These ladies have helped me immensely for the past 7 days! I was really struggling to get back to good habits after my super feast but my accountability buddies turned me around. I had the same usual temptations: Ben & Jerry’s in the freezer, bag of chips on top of the fridge, uneaten portions of my son’s meals, etc. Knowing that I was telling other people everything I was eating helped get me back to healthier eating and I lost 2 lbs for the week!

I’m SO thankful for the women who joined 🙂

I didn’t run much this week thanks to my old Asics running shoes. My (still) sore knee and occasional foot pain (think bone-hitting-pavement level ow) made me less and less inclined to get out and run. I didn’t want to make things worse before I got new shoes for Mother’s Day.

Here’s my workout rundown for the week:

Speaking of Mother’s Day, I hope you all had a great one! My husband and son treated me to a nice day 🙂 When I woke up, the house was totally cleaned and they had made me breakfast and a homemade card. The card was even interactive with coloring pages for Alex to color as we read it. After breakfast, I got a quick 1 mile run in, then we all got ready and headed to Sacramento to Fleet Feet Sports to buy my new shoes! I had been waiting for this day for about a month so I was very excited!

This store was everything I had been dreaming of! Walls filled with shiny new running apparel, shoes, and accessories.

They also had a kids table full of toys to keep Alex entertained. What a great idea! He absolutely loved it and my husband didn’t have to chase him around to keep him from making a mess of the store while I was getting fitted.

An associate named Garrett helped me and he was so friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful! If you have a Fleet Feet store near you, I highly recommend them. Unfortunately, they didn’t have my size in stock in the color I wanted so I didn’t get to take a pair home. Luckily, though, they were able to order them from their website and ship them directly to my address. They should be here in 3 or 4 days!

After Fleet Feet, we went out to lunch and then headed home and played in the back yard. It was a perfect Mother’s Day 🙂

This morning I walked out the door at 5 A.M. and ran my One Awesome Mother Runner Virtual 5k. I had never run a virtual race before but it was kind of nice to do it on my own time! I was able to participate because I’m part of the Moms Run This Town community. I ordered my bib packet on goneforarun.com and it came with a cute medal! After my run, I posed with Alex because without him I wouldn’t be a Mother Runner and he’s the reason I keep going on my fitness journey!

With the prospect of new shoes and no pain, I’ve been getting the itch to increase my running distance. First, I was looking into what 10k races I could do but then I happened upon a link to a review of The Golden Gate Half Marathon. The idea of running The Golden Gate Bridge instantly appealed to me. The entire 13.1 miles would be beautiful! It would be quite a challenge, especially because there are a lot of hills, but it wouldn’t take place until November 5th giving me plenty of time to train. It just seems like a dream race that I don’t think I can pass up!

In the meantime, I’ll be running the Run Around the Rice 5k this weekend! Check out my Races page to see what other events I’ll be running! What are you looking forward to this week? Comment below and be sure to subscribe to my blog via email to see future posts! Have a great week!

What Losing 100 Pounds Has Taught Me

What Losing 100 Pounds Has Taught Me

As you may have seen this past week, I have now lost over 100 pounds! It took 16 months, healthy habits, hard work, determination, and a lot of sweat! Now that I’m 30 lbs away from my goal weight, I can see that I still have a long way to go. However, I’m taking the time to celebrate how far I’ve come and reflect on everything this journey has taught me.

When I set my sights on losing 130 lbs, that seemed almost unattainable. When I hit the 30 lb loss mark, I thought about how I had 100 lbs to go. That number is huge so I put it out of my mind so it wouldn’t overwhelm me. I just kept working for that next pound.

In an ideal world, I’d reach my goal weight, go back to eating pizza and chilling on the couch, and never gain a pound back. This is not an ideal world. Honestly I’m kind of glad! It’s rewarding to work so hard for something I really want! Plus I just feel so much better physically and emotionally when I treat my body right. This is a lifestyle now. There are always improvements to be made! I love the quote “It doesn’t get easier, you just get better at it.”

“Willpower is like a muscle. The more you train it, the stronger it gets.” This is incredibly true! I still struggle with willpower from time to time. I’m an over-eating type of person. I love to indulge! It’s taken a lot of discipline to train myself to have some self-control with food. Educating myself on ingredients and health effects of different foods definitely helped. Logging my calories every day and sticking to my limit helps a lot too. Most of all, knowing how much better I feel when I eat right keeps me in line.

When I started running, I couldn’t even run a tenth of a mile. Now I run 5k races! I no longer see challenges and think “Pfft, no way!” More often than not, the challenge actually makes me excited! I don’t doubt myself anymore. I have learned that when I put in the work, I can reach any goal.

Losing weight and working out has really brought out the “go get ’em” attitude in me. It’s what made me start this blog. I decided that I wanted to tell my story and hopefully help other people who are struggling. I have big dreams for helping people with health and fitness that I’m hoping will come true. I’m working on it!

When I make a mistake, I can be pretty hard on myself. I am still learning the art of self-forgiveness but I have come so far since 100 lbs ago. Before, I would get so frustrated at myself over a bad food decision that I would just think “well, I already messed up so whatever!” and I would keep making bad food choices. I had such backwards logic and it held me back for years! Don’t beat yourself up. Don’t throw in the towel and give up completely. Acknowledge the slip, make a plan to get back on track, and stick to it.

I used to live my life according to what other people said. I had little to no self-esteem as a result. Now I do what I want, I set my goals, I crush my goals, I feel amazing! There have been a couple of times when I heard “oh you don’t need to lose that much weight!” It was meant as a compliment which is nice but it’s misinformed. In the past, this would’ve caused me to start caving on my health choices. Thankfully, I’ve learned to listen to my gut and know exactly what I want to achieve and then I work hard to achieve it!

I saved the best for last. I couldn’t have done this without the tremendous support I’ve gotten from loved ones. I’ve gotten advice and encouragement. I’ve had shoulders to lean on when I’ve struggled. I’ve had people who helped keep me accountable when I couldn’t stay accountable to myself. I’ve had cheering and hugs when I’ve met my goals. Surround yourself with people who want you to succeed! Have the strength to do it alone and then don’t. I feel like my relationships with these people are closer now than before because I have depended on them and realized how lucky I am to have such an amazing support system!

It may be cliché, but as the saying goes, “If I can do this, anybody can.” It’s the truth. I’m still an over-eater at heart but I’ve learned that what may taste really good in the moment makes me miserable in the long run. It’s a lesson that has taken my entire life to learn. I refuse to go back to old habits. It’s not just about losing weight or being “skinny.” It’s about my health. My biggest motivator is being a good example for my son and staying healthy so I can live a nice long life to be here for him. I’m not going to stop!

Literally Running My Butt Off

Literally Running My Butt Off

Happy Monday! I have a really good reason to celebrate this week. I passed the 100 pounds lost mark! WOOHOO! Words can’t quite describe just how great it feels to see that number. I feel amazing and it’s great to see my hard work and dedication to being healthy paying off!


I lost 4 lbs this week which is a lot more than usual. I didn’t lower my calorie intake or work out more than usual so I was very surprised!

The only thing I can think is that I didn’t have my usual weekly cheat meal. I skipped it because I really wanted to hit 205 haha! I passed that and hit 204 for a total of 101 lbs lost! Here’s a rundown of my workouts this week:

My running goal back in March was to run more miles than there were days in the month. I barely made it with 31.71 miles and I told you all I would be setting my sights higher for April. I smashed that number this month running 57.76 miles! My average pace per mile is about a minute faster as well. How did I do it? Well, unfortunately, I had to cancel my gym membership this month. My husband’s rotating work schedule made it almost impossible to go for 3 months and that wasn’t changing anytime soon so I cancelled. Some good came out of it though! Since I couldn’t do group classes, I ran almost every day. I’m really loving running and that’s my main focus now! It’s such a great way to lose weight and it’s fun to do races. I’m sticking with 5ks this year because I want to focus on getting faster and better at running 3 miles without stopping. What’s my goal for May? I honestly don’t know. I’m going to keep running!

On Tuesday, I ran with a local Moms Run This Town group and it was so fun!

 It felt so good to get out of my comfort zone and socialize with new people while also getting a great workout. We’re all moms who like to run so it was a little easier for me knowing we’d have at least those two things in common. We met early and started our run at 6 A.M. and we ran 3.1 miles. Having ladies to talk to while running was a nice distraction from how out of breath I was haha. I was nervous that I would be slower than the other women but it was totally fine. Everyone ran at the pace they were comfortable with and there was zero judgement. It was nice to see everyone support each other and have the mindset that we’re all out there moving and practicing healthy habits no matter what pace we go. That being said, one of the moms is a marathoner and she was pushing me during the last mile. It was in a good way that I really needed! If you’re thinking about joining a running group, I definitely recommend it. I think this is going to be a weekly meetup for me now!

We even had some canine runners join in!

On Wednesday, Women’s Running Community featured my story on Instagram for their weekly #WhatARunnerLooksLike Wednesday feature! I love their message of empowerment and body positivity!

This week I will be preparing for my Sutter Buttes Spirit Mountain Run 5k! I’m so so excited about this one because it’s going to be a beautiful location and I think I’m going to bump into some friendly faces there! It can be lonely going to a race by myself so I’m excited to know some folks! Signing up for a 5k is a great motivator to get out and get moving working toward a goal. Visit my races page here and join me sometime!

My goals for the week are to stretch more, drink more water (I’ve been slacking on hydration bad) and get on a regular sleep schedule. I need to be waking up early to run on a regular basis. It’s already getting hot here in NorCal! What are your goals for the week?

Weekly Weigh-In April 16, 2017

Weekly Weigh-In April 16, 2017

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My Journey

My Journey

Welcome to Sweating Awesome!

Hi, I’m Christa Levesque! I’m a mom, a military spouse, a runner, and a health and fitness enthusiast! I transformed my life more than a year ago through changing my eating and exercise habits. I’ve come quite a long way but let’s start at the beginning.

My whole family struggles with weight but most of them are not obese like me. I have been overweight since I was a kid. I remember a family member pointing out my bulging belly at 10 years old and asking me how much I weighed. “Well, I didn’t weigh a hundred pounds until I got pregnant!” she said. My family didn’t have much money. We ate a lot of McDonald’s and Hamburger Helper. As a result, I learned unhealthy eating habits from the start.

Me on the left at a High School dance.

All the years from Elementary through High School I was teased and left out because of my weight. Even as an adult, I have had to deal with rude comments or dirty looks. This molded me into a miserable and very insecure person. As a teenager, I would try to lose weight. All I wanted was to be thin and I’d even challenge my friends to diet with me. We would give up soda for a month or we would eat salads for lunch at school. We would turn around and eat burgers and fries for dinner. Well into my 20s, I didn’t understand what eating healthy really meant. I just wanted a quick fix to be skinny because I was ridiculed for being fat my whole life.

In 2009, I did a low-carb diet and initially found success with it. I went from 290 pounds to 220 pounds. I felt amazing having lost 70 pounds! However, I fell off the wagon after 9 months of being very strict on my diet. On my birthday I allowed myself to have some potatoes with my dinner and cheesecake for dessert. It was all downhill from there. I’d had a taste of those delicious carbs and I couldn’t stop cheating! I struggled to get back to my disciplined eating and eventually gave up completely. I gained 85 pounds back.

Over the next 6 years, I tried to do the low-carb diet several times. I would always lose about 15-20 pounds before caving and gaining it right back. In January 2015, as a New Year’s resolution, I was trying that diet yet again. The first month went well with some small weight loss. In early February, I was on a lunch break at my former job and took a bite of a Slim Jim. This is a perfect example of something that I thought was healthy because it was low-carb. I instantly felt nauseous and spit it out. Turns out, I was pregnant! This was great news and ultimately the biggest and best change my life has ever seen. I started to really educate myself on healthy eating for the first time ever at 27 years old! I wanted to eat right for my baby and I knew that I’d want to set the example of health in the future. I didn’t want my child growing up with the same struggles I did.

Pregnant me in Monterey, CA

Pregnancy was the first time in my entire life that I had a reason to celebrate my body. Learning about the changes a woman goes through during pregnancy really opened my eyes to how amazing our bodies are! I decided that even though I wasn’t always happy with how I looked, I was going to love my body. I had gained 30 pounds during my pregnancy landing me at 335 pounds before giving birth. After my son was born, 12 pounds disappeared instantly and I worked to lose the other 18. I didn’t exercise at first, I just continued to eat healthy and focused on being a new mom. I got back down to my pre-pregnancy weight of 305 pounds in December 2015 and I started counting my pounds lost after that. After losing about 20 pounds, I joined a gym in May 2016. I set a goal of working out 4 days a week and stuck to it. My workouts were simple: walking on the treadmill for 30 minutes and then doing 30 minutes of machines or light weight-lifting. I would also do Zumba classes because I enjoy dancing and it’s a great workout. After only a few months, I had jumped up to a 45 pound loss!

I always told people that I would never run. It just seemed impossible to me. In September, my gym started a new running group. They caught my interest because they were very insistent on being open to beginners. I was really scared to join but suddenly, with this encouraging group, running no longer felt like an impossibility. I told myself that I would just go to one meet up and see if I liked it.

Me on the right with the TZ Road Runners at our first meeting.

I was terrible at running. I couldn’t even make it a quarter of a mile. The poor instructor had to stay back and run/walk slowly with me while the rest of the group ran together. She was very positive and supportive and told me to keep running! So I did. I registered for my first 5k and followed a Couch to 5k program on my own. I ran on the treadmill or around my neighborhood. I slowly built up my endurance and my confidence with running. Pretty soon I was able to run a quarter, a half, three-quarters of a mile, and so on. Every little milestone made me feel so accomplished! Running also brought my weight loss to a new level. I was dropping pounds faster than before and that was a big motivator to continue running. I would also register for a new 5k race every month to keep giving myself an event to work toward.

This all brings us to now. I’ve lost over 100 pounds and counting! I have participated in several races and I’ll be competing in my first half marathon this fall! I still continuously set achievable goals and push myself to the next challenge.

It’s hard to put into words how amazing I feel. It has been a complete transformation inside and out. Where I used to feel sluggish and lazy, I now have loads of energy! I used to struggle with depression and now I’m happy and upbeat most days! When I would go shopping before, I would cry in dressing rooms because I felt so hopeless. This journey has brought me such confidence! I’m still a work in progress and I am far from perfect. I still have plenty of jiggle but I don’t care. I know that I am loving myself by treating my body right and I’m living a healthy lifestyle that’s going to carry me above and beyond my goals!

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