Weekly Weigh-In April 2, 2017

Weekly Weigh-In April 2, 2017

I can’t believe it’s already my 3rd weekly weigh-in! I want to start by saying thank you to everyone for keeping up with the blog and sending me messages of positivity! I appreciate it so much!

The last two weeks have been a real challenge for staying on track. I was on two road trips last week and this week we flew to Mississippi to visit family. Traveling does not leave much room for exercise. Plus, visiting friends and family means lots of eating out which makes it hard to eat right. Luckily for me, when we stayed in, our family made delicious and nutritious meals.

Glazed salmon and grilled asparagus cooked by my father-in-law.

Β While it was definitely a test of my discipline, I still managed to lose 1 pound. I’m now at 214 pounds for a total of 91 pounds lost. I wanted to give in a couple of times and eat like total garbage but I stayed strong. I did let myself have some higher calorie foods like Crawfish Γ‰touffΓ©e, Shrimp Creole, and even some chocolate ice cream! You have to have balance sometimes. My healthier meals consisted of the salmon pictured above, salads, grilled ahi tuna, and chicken kabobs. I kept logging my calories in MyFitnessPal which helped me stay on track. I ran twice at home in between trips and I ran twice in Mississippi. I hit my goal of running more miles than there are days in the month of March.

As you can see, I barely made this goal but I’m so glad that I did! I’ll be setting my goals higher for the month of April. On one of the days that I only ran one mile, I made myself run it as fast as possible as a compromise. It was the first time I’ve run a mile in less than 11 minutes! While this is still slow, when I first started running, I averaged 15-16 minute miles.

I’m so relieved that I made it through these couple of weeks with some weight loss. No, I didn’t meet my usual goal but I honestly felt like I was going to gain! I’m definitely looking forward to getting back to my routine at home, eating without so many temptations, and exercising more. I’m also looking into running some upcoming 5k races!

What goals are you setting for this month? What challenges are you facing right now? I’d really like to hear from you so either comment below or send me an email! Have a great week!

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